Since Botox® was awarded FDA approval, television and magazine ads, the news media, and general conversation are all embracing Botox® as th
e “Ideal Cosmetic Procedure” for men and women alike.

Precise and Predictable  — with real, noticeable results and no recovery time, BOTOX® Cosmetic procedures are the perfect choice for millions of men, women and their doctors

Whenever we smile or change our expression, finely tuned muscles beneath the skin’s surface contract to form folds in the skin. Over time these movements become ingrained, manifesting themselves as what are called ‘dynamic wrinkles’ and sagging pouches on the skin’s surface. For those for whom this process is still in its early stages, minimally invasive liquid facelifts are the ideal answer to stop the aging process in its tracks.botox1


BOTOX is used to treat the following areas:

  • Horizontal forehead lines – Forehead wrinkles that happen when we raise our brows.
  • Vertical frown lines (a.k.a. the 11’s) – The vertical or diagonal lines that form in-between the brows when we show anger.
  • Crow’s feet – These are the wrinkles outside of the eyes which appear during a bright ‘squinty’ smile.
  • Brow lift – A 2-3 millimeter small brow lift can sometimes be achieved with a Botox administration to the outer brow area.
  • “Smoker’s lines” – Little wrinkles around the mouth that form when the lips pucker.
  • Jaw reduction – Treatment of jaw muscle enlargement can soften the outer jaw area.
  • Neck bands – Neck bands that happen during speaking or smiling can often be treated with Botox.
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) – Excessive sweating in the scalp, underarms, lower breasts, the palms and the feet can respond to Botox treatments.